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Livewell/Courtesy Light – LED – Potted - 1-7/8” OD LED Oblong Courtesy Light, Blue Round Base with Stainless Steel Cover
Illuminate Your LIvewell for Easier Culling & Night Fishing
  • Totally Waterproof - Fully Potted (LWL-1P-LED model)
  • Can be Mounted Completely Submerged
  • Lights Livewells without Harmfull Heat
  • Neoprene Sealing Gasket Included
  • Requires 1" Hole for Installation
Provides Attractive Light Anywhere Needed

These very attractive stainless steel bezel courtesy lights can be used virtually anywhere. The bright polished stainless provides a very rich look. They are great for accent lighting, step lighting, task lighting, compartment lighting, cabinet lighting, or courtesy lighting.

  • Surface Mount
  • Hidden Fasteners
  • Three Bright Blue LEDs Provide Excellent Brilliance
  • The engineered lens directs light downward to avoid light from shining into the eyes
  • Circuit board completely sealed in epoxy to resist water, corrosion and vibration
  • Super long life LEDS - up to 100,000 hours
  • Polished 316 Stainless Steel Bezel
  • 3" L x 1.25" W

Offers clean, fresh styling with a rugged stamped stainless steel cover. Perfect for saltwater applications and high-end boats. The round footprint is only 2-3/8" diameter. When closed, profile is only 3/8" high. Molded inner cap seals water out of the socket when cover is closed. Inner socket contains a large drain hole to prevent clogging and contact failure. For use with all straight pole lights with a locking collar.

2-Pin, Black.

Use with:
Frosted Globe: 5110 Series
Anti-Glare: 5310, 5320, 5330 and 5340 Series
LED Anti-Glare: 5530 and 5540 Series
Bi-Color: 3592 and 5092 Series
Anti-Glare All-Round Light Folding, 12" Puck Light - 3" Dia - 4 Warm White LEDs Anti-Glare All-Round Light Folding, 42"
Two mile, 360 degree visibility for use on boats up to 39.4 feet
  • Fold Down bases allow light to swing 180 degrees
  • Big cam lock, handle is easy to grasp
  • Once locked, stays locked in normal conditions
  • In extreme conditions, if a 12 ft./lb. force hits the base, the cam lock releases and allows base to swing down, reducing the chance of breakage to base or pole
  • All wiring is concealed and protected within the pivoting base
  • Materials are non-corrosive. Bases are glass filled polymer and poles are highly anodized aluminum.
  • Bases installs with two required number 10 fasteners

Anti-Glare Light - Horizontal Mount - 12 inch aluminum pole - Includes 9 watt wedge base lamp

Clean Looking LED Puck Light - Excellent Brilliance

Highly polished 304 stainless steel housing for a rich, clean look. Ideal for use in boats and RV's as a ceiling light, courtesy light, or task light. Clear Polycarbonate engineered lens optics provide uniform and wide angle illumination.

  • Great for lighting under cabinets, cockpits, headliners, and compartments
  • Polished Stainless Steel Bezel
  • Surface mounts on any flat surface
  • Hidden Fasteners
  • Circuit board completely sealed in epoxy to resist water, corrosion and vibration
  • LEDs feature super long life span of up to 50,000 hours
  • 3" diameter sizes fits most any application
The Folding Pole Light has all the features of the patented Articulating Anti-Glare light. It focuses light at the horizon and above - not in the pilot's eyes.

The bottom aperture reduces glare at 7.5° below horizontal. Above horizontal, the lens shines a continuous arc of light in rolling seas. Makes the boat more visible to taller craft such as freighters and commercial vessels.

The patented Articulating Head adjusts from 15° forward to 15° aft. Just align the lens to the horizon and tighten the adjustment screw!

Universal Fit Locking Collar Pole - 42 inch length

Red/Green LED Stainless Steel Vertical Sidelights 4" Round LED Light, Warm White + Red
Sleek Red/Green LED Stainless Steel Vertical Sidelights provide superior style, durability and most importantly, maximum safety. Designed for use on boats up to 39.4' (12m) in length, these ultra-efficient navigation LED sidelights are housed in saltwater tough stainless steel covers which are completely sealed to resist water intrusion, electrostatic discharge vibration (during assembly) and ultraviolet light (UV) radiation. Plus, LED lights use less energy than other lights which means there's more energy for powering your boat and enjoying time on the water. Size: 2'' D. Sold in pairs.
  • Red/Green Sidelights provide 112.5° visibility
  • For use on boats up to 39.4' (12m) in length
  • USCG-rated 1 nautical mile
  • Saltwater-tough stainless steel covers are corrosion-resistant
  • Completely sealed and watertight
  • LED technology keeps lights cool to the touch
  • Rated for 50,000+ hours of use
  • Built-in ''Tell Tale'' indicators
  • 2.4 watts at 12 VDC
  • Compact - only 2'' diameter
  • Sold in pairs

The Attwood L6300 Series LED lighting system represents state-of-the-art design guided by convenience, durability and efficiency. The transition to LED technology virtually eliminates the maintenance associated with typical halogen/xenon interior lighting. The LEDs are rated for 50,000+ hours of use. That means lighting that promises to be trouble-free for years to come. While offering a low maintenance solution to traditional marine lighting, the L6300 Series lights reach a new level of safety for consumers. By reducing surface heat by nearly 100° F over traditional halogen lighting, our lights eliminate the safety hazard that can occur if lights are left on for an extended period or are placed under or near low-lying cabinetry.

Drawing 3 Watts @ 12 VDC.